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VCI Corrosion Protection



  • Corrosion and packaging protection in one step.
  • Effective against aggressive environments including humidity, SO2, H2S and galvanic corrosion from dis-similar metals.
  • Protects dry or oiled metals during storage, transit and overseas shipments.
  • A non-toxic and environmentally safe package.
  • Protects Carbon Steel, Stainless, Galvanized, Cast Iron, Aluminum Alloys, Copper, Brass (<30% Zn), and Solder.

We provide many different product styles for different applications. We are proud to offer a high performance grade of paper tube lined with VpCI™ treated linerboard for superior corrosion protection. This lining provides a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. VpCI™ offers corrosion protection by forming a very thin and effective rust inhibiting layer. This layer does not affect the appearance or require removal prior to further surface finishing or coating applications. These tubes are completely recyclable, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and bio-degradable and contain no nitrites, phosphates, silicates or other hazardous compounds.

LCH uses the Cortec Corporation patented VpCI™ chemistry to offer the best corrosion protection on the market today.